Periscope Player

Looking for a way to stream music from your Subsonic server to your laptop? Periscope Player is a desktop application for your Windows PC that allows you to stream music to your computer from anywhere in the world.

  • View all of your music in a single screen
  • Locally Cached Songs - No need to keep streaming over and over
  • Locally Cached Cover Art - Saves you time and reduces data transfer
  • Complete Playlist Support - Quickly play your favorite mixes
  • Jukebox Support - Play songs on your Subsonic Server speakers
  •, Twitter, and Facebook Integration
  • Choose your favorite skin to show off your style
  • Search for artists/album/song titles in real-time
  • LIFETIME upgrades included with the Pro version!

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    Features & Specs

    Manage your entire library Periscope can comfortably handle Subsonic libraries of 100,000 songs or more. You can search, sort, and group your library to quickly find and play your favorite songs.

    Take your music with you Configure the local cache feature to keep some songs and coverart on your playback for instant playback when you don't have an internet connection.

    Use social media Really like that track you're listening to? Scrobble, Tweet, or Post it to Facebook to share with your friends. Post at your command or let Periscope automatically post each song.

    Play songs locally or remotely Periscope can play music on your local pc, but what if you have great speakers attached to your Subsonic server? You can switch Periscope to remote mode to control playback and volume through your server's speakers.

    Quickly add new songs So you've got a few new songs, but don't want to re-scan your entire Subsonic library to add them to Periscope? Use the Server Navigator to easily add individual songs or albums without having to re-scan.

    Easily control playback Use your mouse, keyboard, or multimedia keyboard to control playback. Assign any custom keyboard command to play, pause, skip, etc.